Gold Chain Coin (GCC) platform?

It operates on a decision-making system called 'Trust Contracts' and 'CongressNetwork' and is a self-evolving decentralized cryptocurrency.

Trust Agreement

Owlchain A securely executed contract based on the protocol layer.
Ensure a secure contract based on a programming framework with determinism.

Congress network

Network governance in which node operators can participate in voting on operations.
Ensure transparency in system changes and funding proposals.


Operation of GCC dedicated application.
Expansion of real economy through GCC trading.


GCC proposes a settlement-only platform by converging with the existing VAN and the existing settlement network represented by PG by utilizing GCC linked with the existing payment network(Payment Gateway).

- Use billing network-specific token exchange algorithm

- Real economic use of cryptography through conversion of general payment points

- Coin transaction liquidity through DEX (DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE) function

- Switch to another password via DEX



The Times Holdings PTE. LTD

Total issue volume

Total issue volume 30,000,000,000 GCC

Sales Type

Ethereum ERC-20 token

Means of public sale participation